Monday, August 15, 2011

Pictures coming soon...

Things have been busy with work and all but I will be posting pictures of what I hope will be the building I am going to lease in the next few days. Then you all can tell me if I am crazy or just plain ambitious.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cross Marketing Ideas

Random thoughts are flying through my head (no different than any other time I tell you). I have a great idea for cross marketing. If you or anyone you know refurbishes/paints old furniture or has interesting art/craft work please give them my information. I am looking to add a few "green" pieces of refurbished furniture to the boutique.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The waiting game

I am anxiously waiting to hear back about the lease. Don't ask me why. Really don't ask me because I think I might be crazy. The building is old and it is literally falling apart. There was a bee infestation in the upstairs last year and wouldn't you know they were an endangered species (yep even insects can be protected) and that mess has yet to be cleaned up. But you know what? I love this building. Before I even knew it was for lease I stopped by and pressed my nose to the window longing for a look inside the plastic covered early 1900's windows (probably have some sort of lead in them). Imagine my excitement when I heard it was possibly for lease. And that is the beginning of my story. I will post pictures and you can see for yourself the mess I am about to get into. But it will be my mess and you guys will get to hear about it every step of the way.